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Big Bamboo Slot Review

Big Bamboo is an online casino game made by developer Push Gaming. It’s a fun slot with several exciting special features and bonuses. The base game plays out very much like a classic slot with a few quirks that make it unique and thrilling, and the max exposure can grant you a big win. To learn more about what the Bamboo casino game has to offer and how to play it, feel free to read the rest of our review below.

Facts about the Game

Software providerPush Gaming
Release dateMarch 3, 2022
Max win50,000x
Bet range0.10/100
Number of reels5
FeaturesWild symbol, Mystery Bamboo symbol, Golden Bamboo feature, Instant Prize symbol, Free Spins

Big Bamboo Features

Big Bamboo is a simple slot game with a few unique quirks. First off, this game is played on a 5×6 grid, which means there are 30 symbols at the end of every spin. The player will benefit from the 50 betways. The game’s RTP is slightly above the industry average, at 96.13%.

What we really love about this game is the very big max exposure of 50,000x of the round’s wager.

The betting limits of the Big Bamboo game are 0.10/100, so if you make the highest wager, the max exposure can grant you a big win. There are also several bonus features, including free spins that can pay out lucrative prizes to players.

Slot Graphics & Soundtrack

Big Bamboo interface

Being a newer casino slot game, Big Bamboo has nice graphics of what appears to be a bamboo forest. The most dominant color is green, ranging from light to dark. The symbols aren’t drawn or animated in a way that stands out, but they all have their own characters, making them unique. The background music enhances the tranquil atmosphere of the game’s visuals, soothing the player of Big Bamboo casino slot. So, overall, Big Bamboo has nice graphics and very nice, soothing music.

How to Play Big Bamboo

Playing the online casino slot Big Bamboo is very simple and easy. There are only a few things that you’ll need to watch out for as you learn the game. As is the case with all slots a player can gamble on, the first thing to do is to select the size of the wager.

  • The min/max wagers are set at 0.10/100. Feel free to modify the size of the wagers as per your needs and preferences.
  • After you’re done modifying the size of your wager, all that remains for you to do is click the button with the two circular arrows in the bottom right corner of the game’s layout.

Believe it or not, the Big Bamboo slot game will take care of the rest for you. The symbols on the grid will rearrange, and you’ll get a new combination, and you will either win money or lose your wager for the round. In some instances, the player may be lucky enough to trigger a bonus feature, which can get the player a significant payment.

Big Bamboo Symbols       

Some of the most important things in any slot game are the symbols. They usually come in different shapes, depending on the theme of the slot game. There are also differences in the value of the symbols, i.e., how much money they can win the players that gamble. Big Bamboo slot is no exception to this, as there are several symbols that can not only win regular prizes for the player, but also trigger special bonuses, such as free spins.

Wild Symbol

wild symbol

The Wild symbol acts as a substitute in Big Bamboo online casino slot. This means that if the player is in need of a particular symbol for a winning combination, the Wild symbol can replace it and trigger the win. The Wild symbol doesn’t replace other Scatter symbols.

Mystery Bamboo Symbol

The Mystery Bamboo symbol can take the shape of any other symbol in the game at random. The difference between the Wild symbol and Mystery Bamboo symbol is that the former takes a fixed random symbol, while the latter can replace any other symbol, making it more valuable.

Mystery Bamboo Symbol

Instant Prize Symbol

Instant Prize Symbol

There’s a nice Instant Prize symbol that gets into play when the Golden Bamboo feature is active. This symbol multiplies the bet size and the prize by random values between 1x and 5000x.

Multiplier Symbol

The Multiplier symbol in Big Bamboo casino slot can multiply the values of the Instant Prize symbols, as well as the Collector symbol. The multiplier values that you can get with bonus are 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x.

Collector Symbol

Collector Symbol

The Golden Bamboo bonus feature grants players the ability to trigger the Collector symbol. The Collector symbol, as the name suggests, collects all the values of the other Instant Prize symbols that appear on the reels. The Collector symbol remains active on the reels during the Golden Bamboo feature.

Gamble Scatter Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The Gamble Scatter and Scatter symbols will trigger bonuses in the Big Bamboo game, such as the Free Spins feature. There are also other bonuses, such as mini-games and other types of rewards and bonuses.

Bonus Features

As mentioned before, Big Bamboo may grant you several bonuses and bonus features, such as free spins, as you gamble. These bonuses can bring you big prizes, including the 50,000x max payout.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature can be triggered by the Gamble Scatter symbol. If the Gamble Scatter symbol lands, then you can get 3-9 free spins or 7 to 9 free spins with 2 dots that will turn into Mystery Bamboo symbols.

Big Bamboo slot

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature can be triggered by getting a Gamble Scatter symbol during base game or the Golden Bamboo feature. Once the Free Spins feature gets activated, if a Scatter symbol lands, it will be collected to the Low Symbols meter. The same goes for Gamble Scatter symbols.

Conversion Symbol

The Conversion symbol feature will convert a symbol, which will award 4 additional free spins. Once the second and third symbols are converted, the player gets 3 additional free spins, while the fourth symbol conversion grants the player 2 additional free spins during the game. The converted symbols award Multiplier Value as well.

Additional Free Spins

If the player gets the Gamble Scatter symbol during the Free Spins feature, the player can get 1, 2 or 3 additional free spins.

How to Win at Big Bamboo

It’s very simple to win at Big Bamboo slots. All you need to do is keep spinning the reels. In time, the symbols will inevitably align and grant you a prize. Of course, you need to remember that Big Bamboo slot is a game of chance and the player gambles when playing. Also, winning as you play Big Bamboo slot boils down to plain luck.

Pros and Cons


  • Many Big Bamboo bonus features and special symbols
  • Free spins can be retriggered
  • Soothing, tranquil theme
  • 50,000x max win


  • Symbol designs and animations are a bit bland
  • RTP is just slightly above average


Can I get Big Bamboo slot free play?

Yes, Big Bamboo is available to play for free, as a demo version. You can play this version and not gamble any real money. Free Big Bamboo mode is a great way to see what bonuses the game has to offer.

Where can I play Big Bamboo slot for free?

There are hundreds of online casinos that feature the Big Bamboo slot Push Gaming online game. In fact, if you find any casino that features Push Gaming software, chances are that it will feature Big Bamboo free slot.

What’s the biggest payout in Big Bamboo slot?

The biggest payout in Big Bamboo slot is set to the tune of 50,000x for your wager for the round, which can amount to quite a handsome payout for the player.

What’s the RTP of the slot Big Bamboo?

The RTP of Big Bamboo is 96.16%, which is just above the industry average of 96%.